PeopleAdmin Product News

Recent Product Highlights

In August and September, PeopleAdmin rolled out new features and updates to increase efficiencies across campus, enable effective academic workflows, and streamline job postings.

Here are highlights of what’s new:

Hiring and Onboarding:

  • User interface: Clearly tell when your edits have been made successfully
    • The user interface was improved to help visually differentiate that edits to postings, positions descriptions, and other objects have been successfully completed in the form view.


Marketplace of Connectors:

  • JobElephant: Enhancements to make it easier to level up your recruitment marketing efforts
    • Introduced automated data collection for tracking job posting and ad performance over time
    • Added essential API classes for seamless integration control.
    • Improved the online analytical data presentation.
    • Refined the user interface for clarity and functionality.
    • Learn more about the partnership.


Faculty Information System:

  • Course Evaluations: Automatic imports from the course catalog – no more manual uploads
    • Course Evaluations now features an automatic import of course catalog data from Ellucian’s Banner student information system.
    • Institutions using Banner SIS will not have to manually upload course offerings and rosters.
    • Scheduled syncs will regularly update the course catalog so that provosts and deans save time when creating and assigning course evaluations across the university.
  • Course Evaluations: Enhanced reporting filters and KPIs
    • Surveys can be filtered for organization unit, survey status, and assigned courses, and can be sorted by title, status, start and end dates.
    • Survey reports now calculate a Response Rate—a critical KPI of course survey initiatives to indicate the completeness of survey efforts and the quality of response data.
  • Highly configurable roles and permission management:
    • FIS contains sensitive promotion documents, and each university has unique expectations of who and what should be accessed. With the Roles and Permissions interface, academic leaders can create new and easily manage existing roles and permissions as needed, protecting document privacy.

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