PeopleAdmin Announces Launch of Onboard Solution for Improved K-12 New Hire Onboarding Process Management

PeopleAdmin Announces Launch of Onboard Solution for Improved K-12 New Hire Onboarding Process Management

Leader in strategic talent management technology releases the most comprehensive onboarding automation solution to help schools and districts boost new employee productivity, increase engagement, and improve retention rates.

AUSTIN, Texas — March 1, 2016 — PeopleAdmin, the leader in talent management software for K-12 and higher education, today announced the launch of Onboard, a comprehensive solution that helps schools and districts welcome, engage and retain new teachers and staff, avoiding costly rehiring as they compete for top talent to fill open positions.

Designed for PeopleAdmin’s TalentEd and SearchSoft platforms, Onboard is an employee onboarding process management solution that fully integrates with Recruit & Hire and SearchSoft applicant tracking systems through single sign-on capabilities.

“We believe that a positive K-12 onboarding experience can make a considerable difference in a school’s — or an entire district’s — ability to attract and retain new employees and decrease the cost of recruitment,” said PeopleAdmin CEO Kermit S. Randa. “Onboard really sets the foundation for a well-engaged employee, who can champion the school’s mission right from the start and throughout their tenure.”

A comprehensive onboarding automation tool designed for K-12 education, Onboard makes it easier for human resources administrators and school leaders to maintain visibility and improve efficiency in the onboarding process while ensuring positive first impressions for new hires.

As competition for top educators increases and teacher turnover and staff shortages continue, a successful onboarding program can dramatically increase new employee productivity and improve engagement, job satisfaction, retention — and even the reputation of the district or school among future job seekers.

“PeopleAdmin’s onboarding tools have given us a lot more time to focus on the human element,” said Gabriel Park, Chief Financial Officer at Equality Charter School. “I’m free to spend additional time thinking about creative ways to engage with new employees in person instead of what is often an impersonal process. Automating the checklist tasks has allowed us to focus on opportunities to provide new employees with a higher touch welcome experience.”

By using Onboard, administrators can focus on compliance while decreasing the stress of new hire paperwork for office staff and for new employees, reducing the risk of errors.


“Having a software solution that is able to implement the district’s forms and processes while providing the efficiency and consistency needed for confidential onboarding tasks is essential,” said Dr. Mark Frost, a PeopleAdmin adviser and retired assistant superintendent of HR. “With manual onboarding processes, HR administrators don’t usually get involved until there’s a problem. With Onboard, the administration can be efficiently added to the process to monitor and ensure that all tasks have been completed.”
Onboarding tools remain available in Records, PeopleAdmin’s full-scale HR process and employee records management solution. Through a simple upgrade from Onboard to Records, HR personnel can experience automated contracts, exit, personnel action forms, and any other HR forms and processes which expand the capabilities in Onboard.
Higher education versions of Onboard and Records are scheduled to debut this spring.
Randa said, “Onboarding is an almost universal challenge for HR departments and administration leaders. That’s why making processes like onboarding easier and more effective is at the heart of our commitment to providing an amazing customer experience.”
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