PeopleAdmin Announces Course Evaluations Module

PeopleAdmin Announces New Course Evaluations Module

Austin, TX – August 9, 2022 – PeopleAdmin, the leading provider of solutions for higher education, today announced the launch of a new product, Course Evaluations. This cutting-edge tool is designed to give faculty and academic affairs leaders access to detailed and actionable feedback about curricula and teaching methods so they can positively impact student outcomes.  

“We are committed to tackling the challenges of HigherEd, and that includes innovation for faculty in our Faculty Information System (FIS) platform.” says Rishi Rana, Executive Vice President. “Our partners recognized that end-of-semester course evaluations weren’t giving faculty the information they needed, so we created a modern, flexible module that will empower faculty and student voices.” 

Course Evaluations uses modern survey techniques and focused questions to produce qualitative feedback about what course elements were successful and what elements could be improved. With this tool, academic leaders can examine student feedback and create a visual path to improvement for any given course. Evaluations can even happen on a recurring basis throughout a semester, while there’s still time for faculty to impact student outcomes. Course Evaluations is mobile-accessible, helping to drive high rates of student participation.  

If you’re interested in learning more about implementing Course Evaluations at your institution, reach out to 


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