PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch combine to revolutionize K-12 education talent management and advance student achievement

PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch combine to revolutionize K-12 education talent management and advance student achievement

Two innovative leaders in K-12 education talent management technology combine their unique strengths to transform the way school districts hire, develop, grow and manage educators.

AUSTIN, Texas — May 24, 2016 — PeopleAdmin, the leader in talent management software for education, announced today that it has acquired TeacherMatch, joining forces to offer the industry’s most comprehensive talent management platform and analytical solution for identifying, hiring, and developing educators most effective at driving student achievement.
The combined company will operate under the PeopleAdmin name.
The move in many ways heralds a major shift within the education field, as school leaders look to the kinds of technology and data intelligence the two companies can offer to help solve a range of human resource and talent management issues, starting with hiring high-quality teachers who are most likely to improve academic outcomes.
TeacherMatch provides cloud-based recruitment, screening, professional development, and workforce planning solutions for K-12 school districts, and offers the only data-driven, research-based and analytically predictive teacher assessment tool, called the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI)®.
The EPI leverages several decades of education research, data from studies of more than 60 diverse school districts, and collaboration with a research consortium that includes the Northwest Evaluation Association, the University of Chicago, and other highly regarded institutions and experts. The EPI is designed to predict which teacher candidates are most likely to deliver academic growth for their students.
For PeopleAdmin — provider of TalentEd, SchoolSpring and SearchSoft K-12 solutions, and SelectSuite for higher education — the investment is more evidence of its continuing commitment to deliver “an amazing customer experience” and to support customers by being the fastest-growing, most innovative talent management partner in the industry.
Since only last year, the company has combined with two other K-12 education leaders, introduced innovative new onboarding and customer service solutions, forged deeper partnerships with other industry thought leaders, and launched a well-received teacher recognition program, Inspired2Educate.
PeopleAdmin already serves over a third of all U.S. educators, who in turn serve more than 1 out of every 3 students in the United States. With TeacherMatch, it will add more than 800 new customers, including four of the nation’s five largest school districts.
“Partnering with TeacherMatch right now is perfect timing, with far-reaching implications for bringing greater value to our customers and improving the quality of education in North America,” said Kermit Randa, CEO of PeopleAdmin. “As we know, education comes down to a student, a teacher, and the staff supporting them. Paying attention to the data around the proficiency and aptitude of that instructional team will help improve student outcomes, and help change longstanding practices that could be holding schools back.”
Ron Huberman, co-founder and Executive Chair of TeacherMatch, said TeacherMatch was founded to improve student success by changing how teachers are hired, and has found the perfect partner in PeopleAdmin.
“We’re delighted to join forces with a leader like PeopleAdmin, who is as passionate about empowering teachers as we are,” Huberman said. “As we focus on tackling our greatest education management challenges, we have the opportunity as one organization to build on our innovative, data-informed solutions — and lead the way in improving human capital practices, advancing teacher effectiveness, and increasing student achievement in school districts throughout North America.” TeacherMatch brings additional tools to the partnership, including the following:

  • The Professional Development Profile (PDP)™, an assessment that identifies teacher’s strengths and opportunities for growth, along with a personalized PD plan.
  • Thrive, a K-12 Professional Development Management System™, a state-of-the-art platform that fully automates every aspect of PD management for educators and administrators alike.
  • Instructional Proficiency Inventory (IPI)®, a groundbreaking PD diagnostic tool that incorporates predictive analytics to differentiate and target professional learning.
  • And SmartFind®, an Advanced Workforce Planning and Absence Management System that delivers new capabilities and data intelligence to PeopleAdmin’s powerful suite of solutions. Seamless integration with the TalentEd and SearchSoft applicant tracking solutions brings direct and immediate value to customers — especially to schools and districts experiencing substitute teacher placement issues.

“We’re very excited about PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch teaming up,” said Jason D. Hammond, Director of Human Resources at Phoenix Elementary School District #1. “As a customer of both, I see this partnership bringing us new technologies and services that will help us be more efficient, stay compliant, hire the best teachers and focus more on our mission of giving students the best chance to succeed.”
“Districts are recognizing the need to adopt the most proven, innovative solutions available as hiring becomes more competitive and talent management strategically more important,” Randa said. “Whether large or small, no district can afford today to get it wrong when it comes to hiring educators. Now they don’t have to.”
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About PeopleAdmin
PeopleAdmin is the leading provider of cloud-based talent management solutions for education and government. Its software enables clients to streamline the hiring process, onboard new employees, efficiently manage positions and employee performance, develop compliant and defensible audit trails, and utilize industry-leading reporting and metrics. PeopleAdmin’s integrated talent management suite includes applicant tracking, faculty search committee management, position management, onboarding, and performance management. PeopleAdmin solutions are rapidly deployed, easy to use and supported through a world-class customer service organization. Visit for more information.
About TeacherMatch
TeacherMatch was founded by a past superintendent of the nation’s third largest school district — along with a team of nationally awarded teachers, administrators, policy makers, and professional development experts who understand that teachers matter most in fostering student growth. In partnership with a research consortium boasting some of the most influential and highly regarded names in the field of education research and assessment, TeacherMatch has taken many groundbreaking steps forward in advancing the scientific aspects of hiring, professional development, and workforce planning.

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