PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool Company and Enflux Announce Integration Partnership

Austin, TX – August 13, 2021 – PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool Company, the leading provider of unified talent management solutions for higher education, has announced a partnership with Enflux, a powerful higher ed decision support platform. This integration partnership is designed to deliver actionable insights connecting faculty activity with student success, curriculum effectiveness, and accreditation compliance.

This partnership is game changing for higher education institutions, providing a tool that directly correlates faculty activity with student outcomes. Never before have academic affairs teams had a comprehensive data-backed solution that provides actionable insights to help faculty be more effective, curriculum be optimized, and students be more successful.

Founded in 2017, Enflux is a secure, cloud-based platform that offers an accessible view of a school’s overall program performance—all the way down to the individual student level. The platform delivers actionable insights to support curriculum delivery, strategic planning, accountable ActionPlans(R), and continuous quality improvement.

“We are thrilled to add PeopleAdmin to our growing partnership ecosystem, a brand that is well-known and respected in the world of higher education,” said Alejandra Zertuche, CEO of Enflux. “The PeopleAdmin and Enflux partnership empowers schools to integrate faculty strategies and results to student outcomes and curriculum effectiveness.”

With the power of Enflux integrated with PeopleAdmin’s Faculty Information System, HigherEd institutions can now obtain a data-rich overview of campus activity by connecting faculty activities to student outcomes. Academic affairs teams can now access vital data that will allow them to identify curriculum gaps and at-risk students, simplify assessment, streamline accreditation, and balance faculty commitments.

“Faculty activity has a direct impact on student outcomes, yet until now it has been a challenge to directly correlate the two. We can now provide insights driven by machine learning and data science algorithms to help faculty become even more effective, and students even more successful,” said Rishi Rana, General Manager of PeopleAdmin.

Unlock the potential of your data and reduce your manual workload with our exciting new interoperability, which automatically integrates data into a centralized system full of insights. With PeopleAdmin and Enflux working together, our Faculty Information System can take you farther than ever, helping you measure faculty and curriculum effectiveness in brand new ways.

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About PeopleAdmin
Founded in 2000, PeopleAdmin is the only hire-to-retire talent management solution built for higher education. PeopleAdmin solutions enable clients to automate and simplify the hiring process, manage position descriptions and classifications, improve candidate communication and selection, drive a compliant, defensible process, and improve reporting methods. Our offering includes applicant tracking, position management, onboarding, performance management, professional learning and development, and a faculty information system. Delivered through a software-as-a-service model, PeopleAdmin solutions are rapidly deployed, easy-to-use, and supported through a world-class customer service organization. More than 800 leading HigherEd institutions throughout North America use PeopleAdmin solutions to gain talent management efficiencies while minimizing risk.

About Enflux
Since 2017, Enflux has been a San Antonio-based technology startup company that strives to effectively utilize data for measuring, evaluating, and improving academic performance. It is our desire to provide the right insights to the right educator at the right time, empowering educators to make better decisions for student success. Enflux is a secure, cloud-based platform that offers an accessible view of a school’s overall program performance—all the way down to the individual student level. It is our mission to deliver actionable insights that support curriculum delivery, strategic planning, accountable action, and continuous quality improvement. Data, insights, and action — outcome improvement simplified.