Interact, Challenge, Reward

This community provides our customers with a platform to share your experience, connect about important topics, and inspire other customers with your impact. Customer Champions are the cornerstone of PeopleAdmin and we use this forum to grow and nurture relationships with our most passionate customers.


  • Share your experience with a specific product
  • Become or refer a customer reference
  • Co-host a Customer Showcase Webinar
  • Be a guest speaker at a PeopleAdmin sponsored event

2020 Winners

Danny Linton

Assistant Director, Human Resources

The University of Memphis

Jane Gray

Director, Talent Acquisition

The University of North Texas

Yankuba Banda

Employment Compliance Supervisor

University of Kentucky

Karla McCormick

Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Auburn University

Rafae Khan

Reqruitment and Retention Advisor

The University of Vermont

Elaine Doell

Employment Compliance Supervisor

University of North Carolina-Wilmingon

Tracy Worthey

Director of Staff Employment

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Kirsten Taylor

Director of Employment Benefits

Lincoln Land Community College

Amanda Sweezy

Employment/Benefits Specialist

Cleveland Community College

Ginger Blake

Director of Organizational Development and Training

New Paltz State University of New York

Jessica Toner

Recruitment Manager

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Help other PeopleAdmin customers and discuss how you’re solving critical issues and addressing the changing landscape in HigherEd on a webinar.

Provide Feedback

What is PeopleAdmin doing well? What could we do better? Share your thoughts with PeopleAdmin employees.

Customer Success

Bring into focus how your college and university has utilized the HigherEd Platform to drive efficiencies and productivity.

Work Closely with the Team

The Customer Champions team shares your passion for PeopleAdmin. We are excited to develop a relationship with every Champion.