The Path to HigherEd Interoperability

Is your institution on the path to HigherEd interoperability?HigherEd administrators using technology, interoperability, looking at computer in meeting strategic planning

When it comes to your software, interoperability – meaning the ability for software systems to communicate with each other – should be one of your institution’s top concerns. Interoperable technology solutions can impact every corner of your campus, from student outcomes to employee engagement and retention. This tech can help save money, reduce the burden on your IT team, ease administrative burden on all teams—including faculty—and can empower new insights and better use of data.

An interoperable solution usually offers single sign-on (SSO), a common user experience, and a standardized model for data and analytics. PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd Platform offers streamlined solutions that seamlessly connect both within the platform and to other systems at play on your campus. With PeopleAdmin, your institution can become truly interoperable. Read on for a deeper dive into the benefits of interoperability for your HigherEd campus.


The benefits of single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) may seem like a simple feature, but it offers huge benefits in terms of time savings, IT burden, and security. Studies have found that 61% of data breaches involve login credentials, and when your employees have multiple different logins for the various platforms they use every day, there are more opportunities for security issues. Some companies report using 175 different apps and platforms in the workplace, and there has been a 19% increase in edtech use at HigherEd institutions since 2020. By choosing open and interoperable tools, rather than closed systems, you’ll not only be saving users time and energy by simplifying their logins, you’ll also increase data security. With SSO, IT teams and administrators have more control over user access and permissions, and there are fewer chances for data breaches due to human error or lost credentials.


Interoperable systems offer a common user experience

With interoperable software, your campus will also get the benefit of a common user experience. When each separate tool that your team uses shares similar navigation, design, and logic, it’s easier for users to switch between tasks without interruption. A common user experience reduces training requirements, and lowers the burden on IT because they field fewer calls and emails from confused users swapping between disparate systems. Truly interoperable systems offer a streamlined experience designed to interrupt users as little as possible as they go through their day—that’s the benefit of a holistic, hire-to-retire system like PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd platform.


Interoperability helps you make more of your data

Data and analytics are the buzzwords of today for HigherEd. Are you making the most of your data, leveraging analytics, and getting the insights you need? If you aren’t working with interoperable tools, the answer is probably no. Interoperable software shares data across platforms, eliminating the need for data re-entry, complicated exports and imports, and manual duplication of efforts, while creating a single source of truth for your entire campus. When the information you need moves seamlessly between systems—from your applicant tracking system to your performance management solution to your faculty information system and beyond—every team has access to brand new insights, making connections across departments and eliminating data silos.

But interoperability goes beyond a single platform—it’s vital that even separate systems across campus can share data so that nothing is lost. PeopleAdmin offers seamless, bi-directional integrations with the best systems serving HigherEd institutions. From HRIS, job boards, and interview tools to background checks and I-9 verification, as well as faculty activity reporting and curriculum optimization tools, we integrate with key functions to enable your whole campus. These connectors create opportunities for brand-new insights, like connections between faculty activity and student outcomes.


Interoperability eases administrative burden on all teams

When users don’t have to move between systems, transfer data, and re-upload information, they have less administrative burden and can find more time to focus on the mission of your institution. An interoperable tech stack empowers every corner of your campus, offering access to brand new insights for every team, college, and department. To learn more about PeopleAdmin’s interoperable solutions, built specifically for HigherEd, reach out to our experts.