The Benefits to Digitizing Your Talent Experience

One of the biggest problems facing faculty and staff departments is a lack of digital processes and systems. Disparate human resource software cause departments to function in silos and prevent collaboration. Paper processes leave room for errors. PeopleAdmin understands that higher education institutions still struggle when digitizing paper-based processes.

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More than 90 percent of higher education HR leaders say they aren’t staffed for strategic initiatives and 40 percent believe they’re not staffed appropriately for every-day operations.
According to CUPA HR, “In human resources, digital technology can create efficiencies and provide tools to source top talent from around the world and increase productivity and engagement. Nonetheless, many organizations struggle to achieve widespread adoption of HR systems, let alone the level of engagement — or addiction — associated with popular consumer technology.”

So, what can digitizing the talent experience do for your campus?


Digitizing Recruiting

With a clear process for posting positions, tracking applications, and keeping records – recruiting for your institution can be clear and streamlined.  With a clear digital process, it will be easy to keep track of who has applied as well as replacing existing positions. Colleges are evolving and changing recruiting practices to attract more qualified candidates – while also developing better ways to retain them. With a digital process that works for your HR department, your faculty departments, and your staff hiring – it’s easy for your campus to spend less time pushing papers and more time attracting top talent.

Centralized Data  

With one place to store and maintain your data and resources – everyone can be on the same page. The core problem institutions face is a lack of interoperability and data exchange between disparate human resource software solutions. These technology silos cause inefficiencies across all areas of campus. This causes students, staff, administrators, and faculty to spend their valuable time trying to sync data between various applications manually. Going digital puts all your information in the right hands at the right time.  

Analytics in Your Human Resource Software 

Analytics provide leadership with diversity reports and comprehensive dashboards necessary for audits and compliance. Reports showcase actionable data like salary, gender, position, turnover, ethnicity, and departments. Effortlessly maintain a compliant, comprehensive, single source of truth for position descriptions, classifications, and organizational structure with a digital solution that tracks your data, allowing your leadership to make better-educated decisions. None of these valuable data are available without digitizing HR processes.

One Platform. Multiple Solutions. 

The HigherEd Platform is one platform for multiple solutions that helps your institution fulfill the mission of higher education. We can bring your campus from paper to digital.  
Our open platform human resource software empowers more effective hiring, onboarding, positions management, professional development, and retention through interoperability, efficiency, and innovation. Within a platform that speaks to all areas of your institution, our powerful analytics dashboards provide data at your fingertips in real-time. The entire HigherEd Platform provides out-of-box single sign-on, mobile access, and multiple portals for employees and administrators.  

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