Promote Faculty Engagement by Going Digital

At PeopleAdmin, we understand the significant problems institutions are facing with interoperability, faculty retention, and lack of digital processes. Our HigherEd Platform, specifically Faculty Information System (FIS), unifies technology silos and ultimately strengthens faculty engagement and faculty processes from the moment they are hired.

Dossier is the core of FIS—serving as the centralized hub for faculty documentation, from professional awards, publications, courses, and beyond. As your faculty goes digital with our easy to navigate dossier, your institution can drive better analytics and create more efficient systems.

The process of going digital to solve these problems requires planning and effort, but the long-term benefit is a clear entry point. PeopleAdmin’s New Faculty Information System (FIS) can help you ditch the paperwork process while simultaneously engaging your faculty.

Improve Faculty Retention

Faculty Friendly FIS is easy to navigate from the moment you log in. FIS manages tasks across an institution for easy tracking, while our streamlined, modern, and simple design allows faculty to focus on what matters—teaching, research, and service. Simplified data-entry and workflows sustain the inner workings of how faculty function with automated reminders ensuring tasks are completed on schedule.

Activity Management – This ubiquitous system enables your faculty and institution not just to manage records but increase scale and intelligence. The intuitive activity module allows faculty to stay up to date – while allowing institutions to track better analytics and maintain their status

Unified Insights and Tailored Analytics – Only 10% of faculty use online systems for management. Without Insights into the activities that go beyond the classroom, administrators lack a full picture of ways their faculty and institution are contributing to their overall mission.  Administrators can easily track faculty impact on the institution, especially their students.

Out-of-Box Connectors – FIS integrates with other third-party systems like HRIS, Vivo, ORCID, and more – truly making it your single point of truth for driving growth at your institution.  Beyond external integrations, FIS works seamlessly across the HigherEd Platform with other modules to make accessing data and information accessible and in one place.

Promote your Institution – By streamlining your internal processes like personnel review, annual faculty activity reports, and promotion and tenure decisions – you can quickly gather data and draw insights on the status of your institution. Our dossier systems are accessible while managing faculty activity, publications, bio sketches, and more. 

PeopleAdmin’s unified Solutions, interoperability, and talent management systems put faculty at the forefront. Faculty members are essential to every institution as the heartbeat of supporting students, conducting research, publishing work, and serving on campus. Track, measure, and gather insights based on your faculty’s achievements that they record. The system will maintain, organize, centralize all the information you need.

As the core of your institution, going digital will not only save you and faculty time but creates a single hub for all data and activities. Current and well-managed data are crucial to pushing your institution further in its mission of excellence. Involved faculty not only helps with retention but allow institutions to fulfill their higher purpose.

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