Part 2: 4 Reasons PeopleAdmin Customers Are Raving About Their Solution

Researching customer reviews is a key strategy for making informed purchasing decisions these days. And for tools that can’t be effectively test-driven—such as talent management technology—reading reviews validated by a third-party institution can be the difference between making a good decision and a bad one.

“I loved the conversations that I had with [PeopleAdmin] customers because they were so willing to help and obviously had built a relationship with PeopleAdmin that they were appreciative of,” said Erika Blacutt, partner at Hobson & Company, which recently completed an analysis of PeopleAdmin solutions based on customer feedback. “All of them felt that the value they got from their investment was very, very high.”

In addition to revealing the solution’s substantial ROI, conversations between Hobson & Company researchers and PeopleAdmin customers uncovered four common benefits.


“The first thing, in terms of how frequently it was mentioned, was the efficiency that higher education institutions were able to achieve with [the HigherEd Platform],” Erika said. “This really comes from having all the documents and workflows digitized and automated.”

Though Erika expected to see this kind of benefit from a solution like the HigherEd Platform, she quickly realized that for higher education professionals, “it’s not just about those efficiencies but how those efficiencies result in additional benefits.”


“When you go a little bit deeper, what comes through is the visibility that [the HigherEd Platform] gives them into their workflows and processes,” Erika said.

By providing talent management professionals with increased insight into the talent life cycle, the HigherEd Platform empowers more calculated decision-making. “I had one customer tell me, ‘We are so much more business savvy because of PeopleAdmin,’” Erika noted.


“Another key piece of feedback that we got was that it has a strategic impact,” Erika said. “One of the customers told me that PeopleAdmin had given them the ability to partner with hiring managers, instead of just processing applications, so they felt they were able to deliver a higher level of service.”

PeopleAdmin’s higher education-specific design is cited as the key to empowering strategic collaboration. “The customers understood that the product was built for them and appreciated those nuances,” Erika observed. “They told me multiple times that it captured the subtleties and uniqueness of higher education, which was why they were able to use it so effectively — something they didn’t find in other places.”

“I love when customer service gets brought up without me asking about it, and it was brought up frequently,” Erika said. “I had customers telling me that the investments PeopleAdmin makes with their clients are unmatched by anybody.”

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