6 Powerful Resources for Understanding FLSA

The Dec. 1 deadline to comply with the updated Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is right around the corner. Is your college or university prepared?

For those who still need some help understanding FLSA and getting ready, we’ve put these seven powerful resources in one location to help bring you up to speed.

Are you prepared to handle FLSA’s impact on employee morale?
While many talent management professionals are justifiably concerned about the financial impact of FLSA, the backlash from employees may be just as costly. Learn how you can mitigate the impact on employee morale.

FLSA-preparation tools and how to use them
For many colleges and universities, the difference between complying with FLSA and facing audits will come down to having the right tools.

Last-minute tips to solidify your FLSA plan
Successfully mitigating the impact of the new FLSA regulations “comes down to creating a game plan,” according to Heather Murray, customer advancement executive at PeopleAdmin and former associate director of human resources at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Listen to her last-minute preparation advice to ensure your college or university is ready.

3 common FLSA challenges and how to overcome them
Many talent management professionals are anticipating complications due to FLSA. Take a look at these three common FLSA challenges — and their solutions — to learn how you can prepare your institution for success.

Drive FLSA success with strategy and compassion
Complying with the updated FLSA regulations may frustrate some employees who move from exempt to nonexempt due to a perceived loss in workplace status.


FLSA exemption ruling: A balancing act for higher education
To successfully comply with FLSA, colleges and universities must consider the impact on financial resources and employee morale. Learn why technology will play a key role in successfully navigating that balancing act.


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