Leveraging Data and DEI Initiatives

Data and analytics are more important than ever to colleges and universities today.

In today’s rapidly evolving higher education landscape, institutions are embracing data-driven strategies to further their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Below, hear from three PeopleAdmin customers who are leveraging data through the HigherEd Cloud to reimagine workflows, streamline processes, and build a more inclusive environment.

1. Northern Illinois University’s Affirmative Action Overhaul

Alan Clay, Associate Director for Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity at Northern Illinois University (NIU), recognized the need to revamp their workflows and enhance their EEO capabilities. Through a solution review process, they discovered the untapped potential of their Applicant Tracking System.

By rethinking workflows and processes, NIU introduced the new role of EEO liaison to ensure equal opportunity practices were seamlessly integrated into department-level hiring processes. Their deep dive also prompted an evaluation of HR workflows and compliance review processes, as well as an opportunity to define EEO best practices across campus.

2. Texas State University’s Inclusive Faculty Hiring

For Texas State University, managing a large volume of faculty applications while adhering to EEO guidelines required a lot of manual work. But with the electronic recruitment workflows in PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System, the university was able to streamline the collection of EEO data, providing search committee members with immediate access to applicant materials. This helped support unbiased hiring decisions and improved transparency in the selection process.

Texas State University is also leveraging their ATS to track critical EEO metrics, so they know whether they’re adhering to state employment goals for protected classes. By simplifying the collection of voluntarily provided information like veteran status, the institution addressed the challenge of self-reported data accuracy. Rather than collecting EEO data by mail after an application is submitted, it’s built into the process, allowing the university to better identify diverse and talented potential faculty members.

3. Elizabethtown College Leverages Reporting

Lori Bomboy, Recruiting and Onboarding Manager at Elizabethtown College, recommends that every PeopleAdmin customer take advantage of the platform’s reporting features. Her team uses metrics provided by Insights to build reports across campus, which are easily exportable to Excel for quick sharing. “If you’re looking for anything, like race, gender, or any other DE&I metric,” says Lori, you can find it in Insights.

Conclusion: Empowering DEI through Data and Technology

These stories underscore the importance of data and technology in tracking and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in HigherEd. Institutions like Northern Illinois University, Texas State University, and Elizabeth College are embracing innovative solutions to achieve meaningful DEI outcomes. If you’re interested in the power of data, reach out to our team.