Hiring Across Campus Roles

Hiring on a HigherEd campus isn’t limited to just one type of position.

Colleges and universities hire faculty, staff, student workers, temporary seasonal workers, hourly workers, and more. Each type of position has different requirements, approvals, forms, and steps, yet at many institutions, hiring has to fit in one box or is de-centralized, meaning that HR can struggle to have the oversight they need.

Hear from two customers who centralized their hiring processes through PeopleAdmin, and found it made a huge difference for their teams.

Student hiring: From scattered to centralized

Student employment is a central part of the university ecosystem at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. But before 2021, it was a major pain point for HR and everyone involved. The process was decentralized, and each department that wanted to hire a student worker organized their own application and requirements. This made it tough for the HR team to keep track of new hire paperwork, onboarding needs, and applications.

Andrea Hauri, Assistant Director of Human Resources at Millersville, decided to tackle this challenge by implementing a student employment module to standardize student hiring across the entire campus. They made sure the process was seamless through a slow roll-out and long testing process. “We started with a single open student role, creating a live application in partnership with one department and making tweaks as applications came in until we closed the role,” Hauri shared.

With the module perfected by feedback from different groups, everyone was excited to adopt the new process. Paperwork is digitized and HR doesn’t have to chase down forms—plus, it’s easier for students to find and apply for positions.

Bringing hiring together

At Messiah University, hiring has changed a lot over the last ten years. First, the team upgraded from a manual process to a digitized system through PeopleAdmin, finding time savings around every turn.

Quote: Implementing the student side was a big positive shift, and now we’ve expanded that to summer camp hires.

Don Lerew, Assistant Director of Human Resources, saw the potential of ATS after implementation and brought student employment under the PeopleAdmin umbrella as soon as he could. Years later, his team is launching one final feature that will bring every employee at Messiah University through the same ATS.

“When we started using PeopleAdmin back in 2013, I was overseeing student employment and I thought, we need to have them in there too. It wasn’t centralized at all before—it was just an email from a department with who they wanted to hire and at what pay rate,” said Don. “Implementing the student side was a big positive shift, and now we’ve expanded that to summer camp hires.”

Temporary summer camp hires were the final piece of the puzzle at Messiah University—the only group that wasn’t centralized. Now, the HR team has full oversight of paperwork, applications, forms, postings, and onboarding for everyone, so nothing gets overlooked.

Don’t miss out on streamlining

Millersville University and Messiah University have realized huge time savings (and avoided hiring headaches) by centralizing the employment process for all different roles on campus. If your team is interested in building new position types for your ATS and bringing campus hiring under one umbrella, reach out to our team.