Customizable, Automated Records and Process Management Solution

Simplify, track, and manage complex faculty processes and workflows in Employee Records

To implement an effective talent management strategy, colleges and universities need a technology partner that knows higher education. PeopleAdmin has partnered with higher education institutions for over 16 years and currently serves more than 840 colleges and universities.

The onboarding experience sets the foundation for new hires’ employment expectations—contributing to their development, performance, engagement, and retention. With Employee Records, you can create and manage custom onboarding plans for new tenure-track faculty, research faculty, clinical faculty, and even graduate teaching assistants.

Provide training videos, mandatory forms, and more. A mobile-friendly portal ensures new faculty can complete each task from any location, and automated custom checklists allow you to track their progress.

Cumbersome, paper-based record-keeping processes make it difficult to find and access important files, forms, and documents. With Employee Records, you can easily store faculty credentials, cover letters, course syllabi, and much more—all while knowing that only the appropriate employees have access.

Using paper to handle record-keeping often results in inconsistent processes that are difficult to track. With Employee Records, you can easily track and manage faculty appointment information, intellectual property forms, incident report data, and much more through consistent collection and storage processes.

With dozens of possible form types, managing faculty requests is often a daunting process. Employee Records provides an easy-to-use portal that supports self-service requests—including applications to take a sabbatical or leave of absence, conduct human or non-human subject research, or consult or teach outside your institution — and ensures the appropriate person (or people) reviews. Have a form that’s unique to your institution? You can add it. The customizable forms engine gives you complete control.

Employee Records is part of the HigherEd Platform, which includes modules built specifically for higher education that support all talent management processes—from search committee management to equal employment opportunity (EEO) reporting to performance management and more. When using the entire suite of solutions, institutions are empowered to align each stage of the faculty life cycle and gather data from multiple points to drive detailed and accurate reports.

“I’ve never had anything unsolved with PeopleAdmin. Every time I’ve worked with someone, I’ve gotten a solution. “I can’t say enough about the one-on-one attention.”

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