Creating a Connected Campus with Seamless Integrations

Leveling up your institution’s use of technology starts with integrations.

Having digitized systems and processes across campus is key to staying competitive in today’s HigherEd environment—but digital systems without integrations are not enough.

Systems that don’t connect can:

  • negatively impact student outcomes,
  • make hybrid work difficult,
  • make it difficult to extract accurate data and actionable insights,
  • and, in the end, create more work for users.

Creating a seamless digital experience means that data needs to flow across campus easily—and that means leveraging integrations to allow your platforms to speak to each other. Check out some stories from PeopleAdmin customers below about how they used integrations to take their digitization to the next level.


Taking advantage integrations for existing tools

At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a non-profit research institution, one key feature that brought them to PeopleAdmin was customizable integrations. With a small HR department, everyone’s time was valuable—so platforms that could share information were a top priority.

Jessica Toner, Recruitment Manager at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, noted that the team was able to save time because PeopleAdmin “integrated with not only our HRIS system but other platforms we use, such as Job Target…. making the entire ecosystem better and making things easier for us.”

PeopleAdmin integrates with many HigherEd specific tools that you may already be using on campus—check out our Marketplace of Connectors to see what’s new!


Data insights through integrations

Cold Spring Harbor also highlighted the ease of analytics and reporting when all your institution’s data is in one place. Another significant component for the team was PeopleAdmin’s deep reporting and analytics features.

Quote: the data “tells a unique story… leading to better decision-making.Toner noted: “The reporting function is extremely easy to use which is needed for our affirmative action plan, the monitoring of requisitions and being able to serve hiring managers effectively upon requests for detailed information about their applicants.” When it came to understanding hiring trends, sourcing, and insights on lifecycle data, Toner and her team realized that the data “tells a unique story… leading to better decision-making.”

At Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, data accuracy was the true game-changer. Neil Jones, Administration Coordinator for Academic Affairs, noted: “With all the different reporting requirements out there, having our systems connected is critical. When one system says one thing, we can guarantee that another system will say the same thing.” With real-time, seamless integrations, his team can now be confident in their data and know they’re fulfilling their reporting requirements.


User experience

At North Carolina State University, Ryan Bernaduci, Director of HR Information Management and Workforce Analytics, led the launch of two new integrations to streamline and simplify the user experience in ATS both on the HR side and on the applicant side.Quote: With the new integrations of Sparkhire and Skill Survey, we’re looking forward to offering an even more streamlined and cohesive applicant experience.

“We have been working with ATS and Position Management since the beginning,” says Ryan. “With the new integrations of Sparkhire and Skill Survey, we’re looking forward to offering an even more streamlined and cohesive applicant experience.”

Ryan’s team is excited that the automated reference checks and video interviews will take some burden off their shoulders, reducing administrative work with simple automation. For candidates, a faster turnaround time and automated communication will keep them engaged and ease waiting time that can discourage them from following through.

Integrations like this are also signs of a modern university that understands how processes have changed. “COVID sparked us to think about virtual interview processes, and helped us realize we didn’t want to go back to the way things were,” Ryan said. “We wanted to rethink our processes going forward, and we know video interviews will be key.”


Final thoughts

If your team and your campus are still working in countless separate, disconnected systems—re-entering information, auditing data, and struggling with flat-file exports—it’s time to think about integrating your tools. Check out PeopleAdmin’s Marketplace of Connectors to see what integrations you could be leveraging, and reach out to our experts for more!