Connected Campus Series: Meet PACx

As higher education shifts and grows, it’s even more important for your technology to be connected. In a recent survey, 80% agreed that complex processes lead to inefficiencies and 49% prefer more time than more money. At PeopleAdmin, we understand the shifting paradigms for both faculty and HR which is why we developed PACx–the PeopleAdmin Connector.

What can you do to save time and money on your campus? Connect as many aspects of your campus life as possible.

64% of administrators are concerned about technology silos and 88% agree not having a unified ecosystem prevents them from realizing their full potential.  That’s why we created the HigherEd Platform. The HigherEd Platform is one platform for multiple solutions. It is the only interoperable, open-SaaS platform with out-of-the-box connectors that enable bi-directional data integration of all systems and processes related to hire, onboard, mobilize, develop, promote, instruct, and reward talent.

Our open platform solutions empower more effective hiring, onboarding, positions management, professional development, and retention through interoperability, efficiency, and innovation. Within a platform that speaks to all areas of your institution, our powerful analytics dashboards provide data at your fingertips in real-time. The entire HigherEd Platform provides out-of-the-box single sign-on, mobile access, and multiple portals for employees and administrators.

Innovation in Interoperability

This type of innovation meets the demands of interoperability. Using its HigherEd-specific platform, PACx (PeopleAdmin Connector), analytics, mobile capabilities, and several compliance dashboards, institution leaders can easily use insights to drive actionable data-based results and empower the higher education mission.

PACx, as part of our core platform, enables real-time bi-directional data flow between HRIS, ERP, and any software that needs to integrate with PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd Platform. Eliminate duplicate data entry, dramatically reduce data inaccuracy, and eradicate inconsistencies across multiple systems—our market-leading integration offerings are tailored to fit unique business processes efficiently. 

We offer various connectors to our platform that help enable out-of-the-box connections to software like Ellucian (Banner or Colleague), Workday, and Peoplesoft. PACx enables data consistency, scalability, and better productivity for your teams to focus on what matters.

Learn more about how PACx can bring innovation and interoperability to your campus by watching this live demo and webinar, Connecting Your Campus: Integrate Your Systems for Efficiency.

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