When It Comes to Hiring Community College Faculty, Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything for community college faculty hiring.

In 2014, 42 percent of all U.S. undergraduates attended community college. Despite their ongoing popularity with students, community colleges have increasing difficulty competing with public and private universities for faculty.

The infographic below shows how partnering with PeopleAdmin can support faculty hiring success.


Community colleges open the door to education for
a significant number of aspiring students

In 2014, 42% of all U.S. undergraduates attended community college

Yet community colleges often struggle to attract faculty

Faculty applicant volume at community colleges decreased by 16% from 2014 to 2015
At both public and private universities, it grew

Which may be due to lengthy hiring processes

It takes an average of 91 days for community colleges to fill an open position
Of those who reject a job offer, 47% say it’s because they accepted another offer

But partnering with higher education talent management solutions provider PeopleAdmin can streamline their hiring processes


PeopleAdmin customers reported:

  • Reduction in time-to-fill.
  • Less time creating, gaining approval, and posting positions.
  • Less time obtaining faculty reference letters
  • “We get comments all the time about, ‘Oh this is so much easier, so much faster. It used to take so long and now we can see all the applicants and we can see their materials, and we can help move the process faster in the search committees.’”



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