Adapting Your Processes for the Changing Needs of HigherEd

HigherEd is changing fast.

Hiring is facing new challenges that weren’t on the radar a few years ago, and the speed of change is only increasing.

Retention continues to be a challenge, even among tenure-track professors. Student enrollment is recovering in some places, but still in flux, meaning that admissions professionals are struggling and burning out. Pay increases in HigherEd have failed to keep up with inflation, causing a talent loss to the corporate sector. And institutions are still tracking lessons learned from remote teaching and learning during the pandemic.

All of this change means that the needs of HigherEd teams – from HR and IT to admissions, academic affairs, faculty, and student affairs—are changing too. It’s vital to ensure that your technology is keeping pace with these changes. Below, hear a tip from a PeopleAdmin expert about the importance of checking in on your institution’s needs.

Annual reviews aren’t just for employees!

Annual performance reviews are the norm in many places to make sure employees are successful in their roles, and PeopleAdmin Customer Success Manager Ricardo McKinnie recommends doing something similar with your workflows and solutions.

“It can be hugely helpful for higher ed teams to complete an annual review of their internal workflows and of the solutions they have in place. It’s a great way to make sure that the solutions are still set up to align with the current needs of your team. With state requirements, changing workflows, and staff turnover, it is more important than ever for teams to work as efficiently as possible. Outdated workflows that were designed for different needs can make processes more difficult and slow-moving. Sometimes these changes are a quick fix that can make an immediate impact.”

Adaptable workflows

With the right solution, your workflows can adapt to the needs of your institution—no matter how much they’ve changed! PeopleAdmin offers support for changing needs and can help your institution find efficient workflows for any situation. Reach out to our experts for more!