7 Ways Data Analysis Bolsters Talent Management

From managing complex compliance requirements to strategic planning, the collection and analysis of current, accurate talent management data empowers data-based decision-making in higher education.

Shannon Phillips, Assistant Director of Technology and Compensation Specialist at the University of Arkansas, shares how data analysis helps her identify best practices and bottlenecks affecting diversity hiring goals.

As part of their affirmative action plans, leading higher education institutions monitor and analyze the application flow for minority groups. By identifying bottlenecks, breakdowns, and best practices, the talent management teams devise more focused strategies and action plans for advancing their diversity objectives.

Failure to track and report on talent management metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) can cause institutions to lose out on significant benefits, such as funding for additional resources or staff. This annual report reveals this and other higher education talent management insights on growth, industry trends, common challenges, and performance benchmarks.

The key to improving talent management at your institution might be buried in your databases. HR leaders from the University of Utah share how their institution uses analytics, scorecards, and dashboards to align goals and transform data into insights, and from there into concrete action.

Perplexingly, more than 70 percent of higher ed institutions don’t track talent management performance or can’t report results. Tarrant County College is emphatically not one of them. Associate Vice Chancellor of HR Ricardo Coronado, Ph.D., shares how performance measurement and analysis is helping transform talent management into a strategic asset for the college.

Through analyzing data in its applicant tracking system, the HR team at Georgia Southern University discovered that they were losing minority employees faster than they could hire them. So they devised strategies and tactics to both attract and retain diverse talent.
What do you do with talent management system data? Using powerful analytical and reporting tools, the University of Arkansas quickly accesses information needed to make strategic decisions about hiring trends, diversity initiatives and other areas that impact student outcomes.

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