Applicant Tracking System Training

The PeopleAdmin ATS add-on training is delivered by a consultant, for your institution’s team only. The Add-On training sessions are specific to your campus needs. 

ATS is the center of the HigherEd Platform based on more than 20 years of HigherEd focused research and work. ATS simplifies hiring, increases efficiency, and helps you achieve your academic mission through an orchestration and rules engine.
As higher education’s leading solution ATS is complete with robust reporting and analytics capabilities, along with unrivaled support for sophisticated academic processes.

What You'll Learn:

Site Admin Fundamentals

Forms and Workflows

Organizational Structure

User Groups

User Account Setup


System Acces & Permission

Site Announcements

Inbox & Watchlist

Saved Searches

Site Glossary

Info Movement

System Areas & Modules

Data Sourcing | Data Copying

Updates in System Areas

Types of Updates



Discovering the Problem

Identifying the Root Cause

Finding a Solution

Validating the Solution


Applicant Tracking


Navigating in Templates

Data Movement

Creating and Managing Templates

Posting Management

Navigating Postings

Data Movement

Creating and Updating Postings

Posting Workflow

Evaluative Criteria

Applicant Tools

Applicant Portal Layout

Search Engine

Applicant Accounts and Features

Interest Cards

Data Movement


Application Review

Navigating Application Search Filters

Individual Applications

Application Workflow

Applicant Review Tools

Search Committee

Hiring Proposal

Navigating Hiring Proposals

Data Movement

Creating and Managing Hiring Proposals

Hiring Proposal Workflow

Site Admin Tools

Admin Tools

Answer Bank

Document Types

Workflows & Forms

Applicant Portal Search

Position Type Settings

Search Filter Configurations

Communication Tools

Site Announcements

Email & Templates

Site Triggers

Interest Cards

Offer Letters

Site Glossary

Assessment Factors

Supplemental Questions

Assessment Factor Versioning

Evaluative Criteria

Qualification Groups


Reporting Considerations

Operational Reporting Tools

Strategic Reporting Tools