Connecting Your Campus: Integrate Your Systems for Efficiency

Connecting Your Campus: Integrate Your Systems for Efficiency  

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Based on feedback from our partners at over 840 institutions, we have worked to make the process from hiring to retirement seamless and integrated. In an effort to provide the most efficient, productive, and innovative experience we have evolved the platform into the only interoperable solution capable of connecting all of your back office administrative HR functions. The HigherEd Platform is designed to be your system of intelligence, while your ERP or HRIS continues to be your system of record. This means increased efficiency, data accuracy, reduced IT overhead, and improved total cost of ownership for your institution.
Join us for this free on-demand webinar to explore new ways PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd Platform can create efficiencies for your institution. We will dive into the advantages of: 

  • Digitally connecting your campus through multiple modules in order to streamline your processes and engage your faculty  
  • How PACx (PeopleAdmin Connector) bi-directionally communicates with all software across your campus 
  • The new Faculty Information System (FIS) module that tells your institution’s story one faculty member at a time  

PeopleAdmin is more than just ATS, so join us for this on-demand webinar showcasing the innovative HigherEd Platform that can connect your campus digitally.  

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