On Demand Webinar: Mastering Change Management in HigherEd’s Digital Transition

Mastering Change Management in HigherEd’s Digital Transition

In this game-changing webinar, we’re unlocking the secrets to effective change management during a digital transition. Our expert speakers will guide you through

  • Crafting a Vision: Learn how to create a compelling digital roadmap that aligns with your institution’s values, mission, and strategic goals.
  • Engaging Stakeholders: Explore strategies to engage and empower stakeholders, ensuring a smooth transition that fosters collaboration and buy-in.
  • Mitigating Resistance: Uncover techniques to address resistance head-on, transforming skeptics into advocates and champions of the digital future.

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Navigating Change in Higher Education's Digital Revolution

Introducing faculty and staff to new processes and technology can present challenges and adoption curves. These transitions are often complex, time-consuming, and may require significant oversight. But colleges and universities must evolve in response to changing landscapes.  

Our expert speakers will guide you through practical resources to guide your institution’s digital transformation journey, key strategies that will ease resistance, and offer solutions to help your institution navigate the future. 


Laurel Kent
ITS Functional Analyst Coordinator, Central Oregon Community College

Rachel Knox
Human Resources Compliance & Training Manager, Central Oregon Community College

Robin Borough
Director of Talent Acquisition, Chapman University

Lucas Del Priore
Product Manager, PeopleAdmin

Moderated By:

Courtney Prato
Senior Director, Solution Marketing, PeopleAdmin