Customizable, Digital Solutions Built for Higher Education

Connect and simplify all of your institution’s processes with the HigherEd Platform. Empower more effective talent management, streamline academic affairs, free up faculty time, find actionable insights, and unlock positive student outcomes.

Innovative Solutions for Your Institution

Build a better experience for faculty, staff, and applicants with mix-and-match modules. Discover smarter insights and get time back to focus on what really matters: student outcomes
Applicant Tracking System

Confidently manage the entire talent recruitment and hiring process with powerful reporting and compliance tools and flexible configurations.

Position Management

Reduce time-to-hire and maintain a compliant, single source of truth for up-to-date position descriptions and intelligent approval workflows.

Employee Records

Simplify, digitize, and oversee onboarding, offboarding, and contract management with a centralized, paper-free system.

Faculty Information

Digitize and centralize your faculty’s academic output for low-touch reporting and streamlined promotion and tenure review.

Professional Development
and Learning

Drive learning and engagement for your faculty and staff with a tool that simplifies professional development and makes learning social.


Develop, track and report on performance with real-time review status and customizable review programs to fit department goals.

The PeopleAdmin Difference

Building a software ecosystem for your entire campus to run more smoothly.

Marketplace of Connectors

Integrate with other systems already at play on your campus so information flows seamlessly.

Unified Analytics

Smart analytics tools that deliver clear insights at the click of a button.

Culture of Innovation

Award-winning innovations designed to solve challenges faced by higher education.

Reduced IT Burden​

Our multi-tenant SaaS platform is scalable, secure, and interoperable, requiring less IT support.

Solving the Challenges of HigherEd

PeopleAdmin works closely with our customers to learn what challenges they are facing and what problems need to be solved. Our highly customizable solution allows institutions to get exactly what they need out of the HigherEd Platform. We maintain close relationships with our partners so that as their teams evolve, so does their platform. PeopleAdmin focuses on innovation and growth of our product, so that our customers can focus on what matters: student outcomes.

Leading HigherEd Institutions, Powered by PeopleAdmin
Texas State University
Chapman University

Unlock the Potential of Your Institution

Streamline your workflows and discover actionable insights with the only platform built for the complex processes of HigherEd.

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