PeopleConnect LIVE 2022 – Sponsors


Thank you to our sponsors for making PeopleConnect Live 2022 possible! We can’t wait to see you in San Diego.


JobElephant makes recruitment easy. With two decades of experience in recruitment advertising, we’ve mastered the art of targeted job ad placement and post hundreds of advertisements per hour — all the while deploying analytical tools to ensure maximum efficacy of every ad we run.

We’ve become a leader within the academic world managing the job postings for over 900 colleges and universities nationwide.


JobTarget helps thousands of businesses find the right candidates for their jobs. From our Marketplace of 25,000+ job sites to automated Programmatic advertising and a network of recruiters at your fingertips, our range of products make recruitment easy.

First Advantage

First Advantage offers programs tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions. Superior talent, safety & brand protection are essential. Our agile programs drive informed talent decisions campus wide. Solutions include criminal history; education, employment, and license verifications; global screening; credit checks; i9s; ACA compliance & health professions student immunization tracking.

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