PeopleAdmin Connections Newsletter Issue 14


Embrace the Challenge at the 14th annual PeopleConnect conference

When Leslie Porter, director of recruitment and employee advising at the University of Arizona, attended the first PeopleConnect conference in 2004, she knew she was witnessing “the start of something really big.”
“I’m trying to remember if there was 30, 40 or 50 of us … All I know is that we introduced ourselves to each other, so that tells you the size of our group. And it was like a revival — we were literally popping up and telling stories,” Leslie recalled.
After many years of returning to the conference as an attendee — and seeing it bloom into an event that attracts hundreds of higher education HR, technology and academic affairs professionals — Leslie served as last year’s keynote speaker, which gave her a new perspective on the value of the conference.
“This conference brings people together to share challenges and exchange ideas. And that’s important because when you work with higher education talent management, you’re called upon to be consultants, legal gurus, investigators, safety monitors, motivational theorists, trainers, psychologists, counselors, social workers, data geeks, systems thinkers and business analysts. I can’t think of another profession that requires such a diverse skill set, or where sharing what works and learning from peers is more valuable.”
Attendees at this year’s PeopleConnect conference will have an opportunity to connect with peers during meals, networking events and breakout sessions featuring topics such as:

  • Onboarding: The art of first impressions
  • Performance management challenges, solved
  • Cultivating equitable faculty searches, a roundtable discussion
  • Beyond reporting: Empowering equality with data analytics
  • Position descriptions, a master class

“Higher education talent management is unique,” Leslie said. “For much of what we do, there are no industry standards. We just have whatever we’ve come up with that seems to work for our size and institution or our culture. PeopleConnect can help you expand that knowledgebase of what works.”


New progress notes feature supports performance management effectiveness

The PeopleAdmin team releases numerous solution enhancements every month, and gets most excited about those that originate through customer requests —  such as the shareable progress notes functionality recently released in your sandbox.
“We’re always looking for creative ways to empower our customers to engage in the kind of performance management that actually drives growth and encourages engagement while maintaining convenience and reassurance of documentation,” said Rebecca Reid, product manager for higher education. ”This enhancement makes it easy to share notes with other users and view them more conveniently, supporting a coaching-style approach to performance management.”
Log in to your Sandbox site and navigate to Performance Reviews or your Progress Notes Dashboard to experience these new capabilities:

  • Attach progress notes to a review or create a separate progress note.
  • Mark progress notes as private or share them with a supervisor or employee.
  • Add or view a progress note from a review or from the centralized progress notes dashboard, which shows all progress notes, including those shared with an individual user.

These enhancements will be available in your PeopleAdmin solution in the coming weeks. To learn more, log in to the Community and visit:
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Experts’ tips for successful diversity initiatives

Creating an institutional culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion is key for colleges and universities, but ensuring all hiring and employment activities support that goal isn’t easy … unless you have a blueprint.
The following resources compile advice from higher education diversity experts and your peers who have implemented successful diversity initiatives, sharing proven methods for overcoming common and not-so-common challenges.

In the News: PeopleAdmin and SkillSurvey partnership expands smart hiring solutions for higher education

PeopleAdmin and SkillSurvey, the provider of faster, more reliable online reference checking, have entered into a strategic partnership to integrate solutions and help recruiters in higher education more easily find and hire great candidates.
Read the press release to learn more, including how Dartmouth College uses the two solutions to improve reference checking and applicant tracking processes.

In the News: 3 ways higher ed can avoid social media devastation

eCampus News recently published an article by PeopleAdmin Vice President of Human Resources Mike O’Donnell, which shared tips for proactively preventing social media mishaps. Read the article.



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