Talent Lifecycle Software Designed for HigherEd

Interoperable software connecting the entire talent lifecycle, from hiring to evaluating, and retiring.

We built a single system of intelligence to empower your institution.

Colleges and universities can connect every corner of their campuses with PeopleAdmin’s robust, integrated, and interoperable platform for higher education. With easy integrations and powerful analytics tools, save time and get the insights you need to help your institution succeed.
Our Impact:

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HR For HigherEd

The only HigherEd-specific solution to empower your HR team.

Solutions For IT

Rapid deployment, scalability, and security that requires less IT support.

Leadership and Finance

Actionable analytics, compliance management and process management.

Faculty Information System

Reducing administrative burden with faculty-friendly processes.

What Our Customers Say

‘I don’t think we could have developed what we have without the support we got from PeopleAdmin’

“What I value about PeopleAdmin is that I provided the vision and they provided the direction,”

Texas State University

“Prior to the applicant tracking system, we requested EEO data via mail after applicants applied. With the new system, we have improved the EEO response rate while eliminating the costs associated with the paper process.”

“Institutions can make things so complex, but PeopleAdmin makes it simple.”

‘The colleges and schools can recruit in the manner that works best for them, and the applicant experience is smooth’

“I think many colleges and universities underutilize this tool,”

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