A higher degree of talent management.

Solving the Top 5 Onboarding Challenges

Once you welcome a new hire to your campus, there's a lot at stake. Keeping a new hire motivated helps maximize productivity right away.  

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Proforma Screening Solutions Partners with PeopleAdmin

This partnership gives institutions direct access to Proforma Screening Solutions’ industry-leading employment screening services.

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Promote Faculty Engagement by Going Digital

Going digital provides a simplified entry point, self-sufficient system, API integrations, and an accessible platform for all parties.

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Learning, Connecting, and Growing at PeopleConnect 2019

We had a great three days with 250 higher education peers who came together to learn, network, and share new and exciting opportunities.

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Addressing Pain Points in HigherEd

In addition to student success, recruitment and retention of faculty, institutions are responsible for the setup and administration of HR systems.

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How Colleges and Universities Can Realize Strategic Improvements Despite Budget Constrictions and Lean Staffing

New TalentIndex report shows data and technology within higher education are key to doing more with less.

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How to Avoid Inconsistency, Confusion When Managing Raises and Position Reclassifications

To manage raises, reclassifications, and other position management tasks, institutions use PeopleAdmin's Positions Management.

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Position Requisition Tips and Tools That Support Strategic Decision-Making

Limited visibility into departments across a college or university presents HR teams and leaders with various position management challenges.

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How Dartmouth College Overcomes Rural Recruitment Challenges

Using ATS, Dartmouth College ran a report on their advertising spending to determine how well each source produces candidates.

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