A higher degree of talent management.

These 3 strategies help SLCC hire diverse, talented faculty

To recruit and hire diverse, talented faculty who can help them fulfill their vision of being “a model for inclusive and transformative education,

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Was 2017 what you expected?

In 2016, PeopleAdmin surveyed hundreds of higher education talent management experts to create the Higher Education TalentIndex, which shared their pr

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PeopleAdmin’s Employee Records now features the CUPA-HR Onboarding Checklist

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employees who attend a well-structured onboarding or orientation program are nearly 70

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What do higher education talent management teams really bring to the table? Empowerment … and we can help.

To successfully advance their institutional mission, colleges and universities need well-supported, focused and resourceful talent management teams.

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Don’t let documentation get in the way of forward-looking performance management

Developing documentation processes that support the one-on-one, mentor-style, goal-oriented performance management processes experts recommend to driv

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One-size-fits-one performance management: What is it, why it matters and how to start

Successful performance management processes must fit the unique needs of various college and university departments and employees.

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Before redesigning performance management in higher education, get answers to these 7 questions

The Harvard Business Review found employers are “finally acknowledging that both supervisors and subordinates despise the appraisal process — a pe

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When it comes to hiring community college faculty, timing is everything

In 2014, 42 percent of all U.S. undergraduates attended community college. Despite their ongoing popularity with students, community colleges have inc

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How data can amplify HR’s role in higher education

Fewer than 30 percent of higher education institutions measure talent management performance, but those that do say it helps them demonstrate and incr

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