A higher degree of talent management.

How Colleges and Universities Can Realize Strategic Improvements Despite Budget Constrictions and Lean Staffing

New TalentIndex report shows data and technology within higher education are key to doing more with less.

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How to Avoid Inconsistency, Confusion When Managing Raises and Position Reclassifications

To manage raises, reclassifications, and other position management tasks, institutions use PeopleAdmin's Positions Management.

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Position Requisition Tips and Tools That Support Strategic Decision-Making

Limited visibility into departments across a college or university presents HR teams and leaders with various position management challenges.

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How Dartmouth College Overcomes Rural Recruitment Challenges

Using ATS, Dartmouth College ran a report on their advertising spending to determine how well each source produces candidates.

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Faculty spend 20% of their time on administrative tasks. You can change that.

Learn about the administrative burden faculty face — and how you can encourage them to spend more time on the activities that matter most.

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4 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Contributions

HR teams strengthen partnerships with leaders by sharing mission-critical data. Follow these tips for using data to enhance contributions.

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Beyond Reporting: Empowering Equality

To help institutions recognize and overcome balanced hiring challenges, PeopleAdmin studied laws and worked with developers.

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How Effective Position Management Supports Inclusive Recruitment

By using Position Management and classifications, higher education institutions can ensure job postings appeal to a range of candidates.

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Dartmouth College on the Value of Reference Checks

Reference checks are an important part of the talent acquisition process. PeopleAdmin's Applicant Tracking System makes it easy.

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