A higher degree of talent management.

Virtual Hiring in Higher Education Institutions

The HigherEd Platform's built-in integrations allow you to quickly shift to video-based interviewing, interview management, and scheduling.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Diverse Faculty and Staff

There is a lot of research on how you create a diverse and inclusive campus – but what are the benefits?  

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How Analytics Solutions Can Change Your Campus

HigherEd HR departments are generating more data than ever before. Analytics organize that information into useable comparisons.

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The Benefits to Digitizing Your Talent Experience

As higher education shifts, it's even more important to begin digitizing your HR data.

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How to Improve the Candidate Experience while Streamlining Your Processes

As higher education shifts, it's important for technology to help with streamlining your processes.

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Connected Campus Series: Meet PACx

PACx enables real-time data flow between HRIS, ERP, and any software that needs to integrate with PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd Platform.

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The Importance of Compliance During Onboarding

Employee Records facilitates higher education onboarding processes that maintain compliance without the added stress of paper processes.

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Beyond Onboarding: 5 Ways to Keep Engagement High Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

PeopleAdmin's Faculty Information System offers data management, activity management, and promotion and tenure management.

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Actionable Analytics: 5 Ways Analytics Drive Decision Making

Financial pressures require a new focus on revenue. Therefore, when it comes to making decisions on your campus – data is key.

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