A higher degree of talent management.

Actionable Analytics: Driving Decision Making on Your Campus

The financial pressures driven by enrollment reduced support, and cost require a new focus on revenue for institutions. Therefore, when it comes to ma

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Solving the Top 5 Onboarding Challenges

Once the hiring process is over and you welcome a new hire to your campus, there's a lot at stake. Keeping your new hire motivated and excited to be

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Proforma Screening Solutions Partners with PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool Company, to Streamline Talent Acquisition and Employment Screening for Higher Education

The partnership gives higher education institutions direct access to Proforma Screening Solutions’ industry-leading employment screening servic

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Promote Faculty Engagement by going Digital

Compiling, tracking, and reporting on faculty via paper processes is never ideal. But for many institutions, it feels like the only option for insti

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Learning, Connecting, and Growing at PeopleConnect 2019

It was wonderful to host and connect with our customers at PeopleConnect 2019. If you joined us in Austin, thank you! If you missed the conference, we

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Addressing Pain Points in HigherEd

Advancing the higher education ecosystem is a challenge faced by administrators and educators all over the world. Higher education institutions today

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How colleges and universities can realize strategic improvements despite budget constrictions and lean staffing

New TalentIndex report shows data and technology are key to doing more with less.

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Developing position management practices that empower success throughout the employee life cycle

Get advice from experts at these institutions and more in the e-book Developing Position Management Practices that Empower Success Throughout the Empl

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How to avoid inconsistency, confusion when managing raises and position reclassifications

Properly managing position reclassifications helps ensure an institution’s position descriptions are accurate in relation to one another — but to

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