A higher degree of talent management.

Five Recruiting Metrics You Should be Tracking

Key Metrics That Impact Hiring, Candidate Experience, and Institutional Success With so many touchpoints and factors that influence the talent journey

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The Perfect Biosketch in Under 2 Minutes

Make Grant Writing Faster, More Efficient and More Effective

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Digitizing Performance Management in HigherEd

As higher education grapples with remote work, restructuring performance management has helped organizations grow with the times.

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Connect Your Campus with the PeopleAdmin Connector, PACx

Our open platform solutions empower effective hiring, onboarding, positions management, professional development, and retention.

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Update on PeopleAdmin COVID-19 Support and Continuity Plan

With reports of many students already being affected by closures, we know this is a time of great uncertainty for all of us and our communities.

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The Future of Remote Work in Higher Education

HigherEd has been working for years to make more courses remote to address slowing enrollment and rising costs. Now, even more is at stake.

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Virtual Hiring in Higher Education Institutions

The HigherEd Platform's built-in integrations allow you to quickly shift to video-based interviewing, interview management, and scheduling.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Diverse Faculty and Staff

There is a lot of research on how you create a diverse and inclusive campus – but what are the benefits?  

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How Analytics Solutions Can Change Your Campus

HigherEd HR departments are generating more data than ever before. Analytics organize that information into useable comparisons.

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