How Analytics Solutions Can Change Your Campus

Collecting data is essential for every HR department and institution. HR departments are generating more data than ever before with access to measuring many aspects of campus life. When it comes to faculty and staff, analytics solutions that track turnover rates, hours spent in professional development, and diversity and demographic data is essential.   
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HR analytics deal with crucial data and information that outline the type of campus and the culture it aligns with it – but what is the benefit of analytics without insights? According to a study by International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology, “One of the major advantages with HR analytics is that it is an evidence based study, which helps the Institutions in bridging the rationality in their decision-making process by setting a mark in prioritizing the impact of HR investment for the business. HR analytics solutions can help in upgrading the standards of HR professionals working and leveraging the competitive advantages for the organization.”

By tracking and leveraging your data on campus, you can:  

Improve Performance

If you understand your departments and their strengths and weaknesses, creating curriculum and employee engagement practices around these stats can help employees feel more valued and become more productive. This not only helps year to year but can allow for departments to create long-term plans and data-driven decisions.

Predict the In-Demand Skills and Positions

When you are tracking who you are hiring and why, your team can more easily predict the next necessary roles. Such data will also provide a better understanding of what motivates employees to work productively.  

Identify Attrition and its Causes

By understanding and analyzing employee data, departments can recognize a pattern of high performing employees while also identify departments struggling with retention. Attrition data can assist HR in determining activities and exercises that boost employee engagement allowing them to further invest in these initiatives.   

Identify Flaws in the Hiring Process

Tracking your hiring process, who you hireand the reasons you hire them will drive clarity on how to streamline the process and make the hiring process easier. With a streamlineprocess, you can save yourself and your departments’ time and money.  

Using Analytics Solutions for Actionable Insights

Our analytics provide leadership with diversity reports and comprehensive dashboards necessary for audits and compliance. These reports showcase actionable data like salary, gender, position, turnover, ethnicity, and departments. Effortlessly maintain a compliant, comprehensive, single source of truth for position descriptions, classifications, and organizational structure with Position Management and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and the entire HigherEd Platform. As higher education’s leading solution ATS is complete with robust reporting and analytics capabilities, along with unrivaled support for sophisticated academic processes.

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