Compliance is not the end — driving equal opportunity with data analytics.

Evidence-based decision-making shouldn’t end in research labs; higher education institutions also need information to make strategic decisions across campus, including hiring.
This webinar series will explore ways to look at data differently to solve problems and make evidence-based decisions that ensure equal opportunity and other best practices. Attendees will join PeopleAdmin Chief Research Officer Nick Montgomery to explore higher education trends, review a case study to identify common challenges and learn how to spot the challenges unique to their colleges or universities.
At the end of this two-part webinar series, attendees will:

  1. Understand which data points are commonly measured for equal employment opportunity and diversity recruiting initiatives.
  2. Be able to think through how to understand data points on their own.
  3. Have a checklist of key questions to ask themselves so they can put together their own scientific approach to understanding and feeling empowered with data.

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About the presenter:
Nick Montgomery is an education data scientist and entrepreneur, with a background in computer science and education research, a wide breadth of experience and superb analytical and translation skills. As Chief Research Officer for PowerSchool, Nick directs the research agenda for PeopleAdmin — PowerSchool’s higher education branch — along with the translation of best-in-class instruments to our revolutionary platforms.
Previously, he directed and scaled UChicago Impact — an organization providing nationwide school improvement data tools built from high-end research to over 4,000 schools nationwide. Nick holds a Master of Arts in education research from the University of Michigan, and Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Brown University. Nick cultivated his research expertise at the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research.